Friday, March 29, 2013

"Chemical Mysticism" C46 out now!

Our first full-length album recorded between 2010-2012 via mail is out now! A huge thank to the Black Horizons label for doing such an amazing job with this and really doing it right. Plans are in the works for our first in person recordings now that we both live in Oregon again, as well as shows and touring in the late Summer/Fall.

Crooked Columns - "Chemical Mysticism" C46 out now on the Black Horizons Label.

Label Description -

"Seven tracks of rhythmic, dense, abrasive and deep post-industrial music. Hits hard at times but that is not to say that it doesn't have it's more progressive moments and a well worked over production. This duo of Andrew Quitter and Luis Gonzales will be doing a west coast tour this summer, so go check them out if you get the chance! J-card is offset printed gold ink on metallic blue stock, cut into a diamond shape and carefully folded down into a j-card. Comes with a small blackened drug baggie containing a dose of Tetanus, to get crooked. Smokey tapes with gold labels in an edition of 100."